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Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure

There is no complexity in the procedures for maintaining various facilities in the college, since the college has relatively experienced staff and so most of the equipments are well maintained. At the end of the academic year, various departments convey to the relevant maintenance agency through the principal regarding up keeping or servicing of equipments which can be done away during the holidays to follow. In some of the departments like physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science students and Lab Assistance are involved in maintaining equipments and specimens with the guidance of the don’ts in the lab. As a mode of keeping updated, readymade equipments are used minimum and they are also being phased out. There has been no readymade equipment purchased for the last 15 years. Experiments performed are designed in a unique way where minimum or no maintenance is necessary. Computers and UPS are serviced at regular intervals. Older systems are phased out as and when needed. Books in the library is increased, as per requirement from departments. Facilities like cc camera, are usually maintained by the person who installed them. Sports complex is used and maintained in co-ordination with Bharath Gold Mines Limited, KGF Students are encouraged to use these facilities liberally, at their convenience. They are encouraged to use the lab facilities whenever they require and repeat the experiments at regular intervals. This makes them very comfortable and confident with experiments.

Best Practices

a. To achieve academic excellence
  1. The College has a traditional practice of inviting shortly retiring staff as Chief Guest to hoist national flag on the National festival of republic day and also Independence Day, just before their retirement.
  2. The College is following the practice of honoring meritorious students through President’s GVET meritorious scholarship, to motivate the students in academic performance during 1st, 3rd and 5th semesters.
  3. The topers in each even semester will be rewarded through cash prize from the departments concerned. This is done for students from all semesters and faculty. Financial requirement for the same is met by contributions from the departmental staff.

b. contribution towards social responsibility and local community
  1. Every year, district level inter collegiate cultural competition is hosted by our college in order to encourage organization and event management skills amongst our students and to provide a platform to the students of the district to exhibit and improve their cultural talent.
  2. A science exhibition was organized by the college for the SSLC and PUC students of the taluk. Exhibits from Physical and Life sciences besides Legal awareness were put up and explained by our students.

Institutional Distinctiveness

Early days of this college coming into existence, higher education was a very distant dream for local community. The community comprised of a vast majority of illiterate people, who have come down mostly from Tamil Nadu to work under highly demanding physical conditions in the Bharath Gold Mines Limited, KGF. These people were highly illiterate and labor class from backward community.

They were very keen to get their wards educated, but could not do so due to non availability of facilities. The then management of this college had visionaries who came together with the sole purpose of serving the needs of these people, and their upliftment. Subsequently this college was opened in 1962 with support from every nook and corner. The college has produced the first graduate in almost every single house in the region. This has further increased many graduates from each family. All this with minimal fees and hence with maximum constraint. This story every single household in Kolar Gold Field would utter. This college has produced thousands of graduates in Arts, Science and commerce faculties. Some of them have reached the highest levels in their respective organizations. This college has contributed to creamy layer in all fields like engineering, medicine, IT, Research, teaching and others. Our old students have reached top slots in various public and private sectors, including international institutions.

This college has been one of the centers in Karnataka for all competitive and recruitment exams conducted by the Government departments.

This college was the pioneers in providing post graduation courses in Commerce and Geology at very minimal fees, even 30 years back.

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