Dr. T. Thimmaiah College of Degree & Management Studies
IQAC may be constituted in every insitution under the Chairmanship of the Head of the institution with heads of important academic and administrative units and a few teachers and a few distinguised educationists and representatives of local management and stakeholders

The composition of the IQAC may be as follows:
  1. Chairperson: Head of the Insitution
  2. Teachers to represent all level (Three to eight)
  3. One member from the Management
  4. Five senior administrative Officers
  5. One nominee each from local society, students and Alumni
  6. One nominee each from Employers (Industrialists/Stakeholders
  7. One of the senior teachers as the co-ordinator/Director of the IQAC

The KGF First Grade College Internal Quality Assuranance Cell was reconstituted after the change of Principal in the month of August 2018.
The following are the Members as per new composition of IQAC.

K.N. Nagaraja Principal Chairperson
Ashok H Karur HOD of Commerce Co-ordinator of IQAC
G.M. Soqlain HOD of Chemistry Member
C. Shantha Kumari HOD of Botany Member
G. Sheshasayanam Asso. Prof. of Commerce/NSS Member
Madhavi P Dept. of Computer Science Member
Reetha Dept. of Kannada Member
Narayana Swamy NCC Member
Dr. Syed Ariff Principal Dr. TTIT Member Management Representative
M. Soundaravalli FDA Member Administrative Staff
Venkatakrishna Reddy Trust Member,GVET Member Local society
P. Raghavan Senior Advocate Member
Dr. Rajendra Kumar MBBS, M.D, Member
Dr. C. Krishna Kumar Ex-Principal, KGF FGC Member
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